voter registration

voter registration

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Hi! So glad to hear from you! Sorry to be late and so brief. Have had so much going on lately, and no let-up just yet. I can only suggest a couple of things. One or two of us have made business cards with the web address on it, and a few references to the plan or grievances. When we have a chance to talk with folks about the economy or the other stuff, we ask them to join, or register to vote, and give them a card. You could certainly make flyers and post. I think there are some tools available on the99 website. Occupy Rolla held a forum at our courthouse, and some of us spoke about the some of the grievances. We had a laptop there for anyone who wanted to register at that time. About 20 attended. We are planning to have more events. We also meet once per month and stage a protest afterword at a busy intersection. On the website under Get Involved, ther is an organizers toolkit. You should be able to get some inspiration there. Sometimes, you have to try several approaches. Please let me know what you are trying, and how effective you feel it is. Also, it is helpgul if you can get a co-conspirator.:-)Good luck!


  1. John says:

    Have you contacted the “CURRENT” Cable TV channel about the Congress?

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