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Greetings patriots and revolutionaries!

We've made so much progress!  The venue is paid for and more than half of the election costs are now covered.  Funding for the election of delegates is still needed and we hope to help Delegate Candidates more with their campaigns and travel expenses. Please help us if you can afford it. Donations may be made here through PayPal or by sending a check through the mail to: The 99% Declaration, P.O. Box 190, Red Hook, NY 12571. Support the Delegate Candidates by donating here to the blind trust.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work to change the electoral, tax, education, healthcare, economy and social system? 

We have a mere 82 days until the online polls open on June 1st and the election of delegates to the National General Assembly begins.  Between now and then we need your help to make this happen.  Therefore I am asking for volunteers to for the following positions which are open to everyone: delegates, voters and volunteers.  Obviously people with experience in the field of expertise will get preference.

  1. Delegate Hotel/Dorm Coordinator.  This person or persons will be responsible for calling the hotels in Philadelphia to seek discount hotel rates for our delegates who will arrive in Philadelphia the night of July 1st and stay until the morning of July 5th.  A good place to start is The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau at
  2. Fundraising Coordinator.  We are looking for a person with fundraising experience to form a fundraising committee to plan and organize online and offline events to raise money to pay for the election, helping delegates travel, hotel discounts and advertising, security, insurance, equipment rentals and miscellaneous expenses that arise. 
  3. Venue Coordinator.  This person or persons should be an event planner to help with the day to day operation of the National General Assembly from July 2nd to 4th.  Responsibilities will include going to Philadelphia early to make sure the room will be set up properly and all of the equipment properly set up. This person will also be responsible for ordering the identification tags the delegates will have to wear to get into the convention and to post the security company we are hiring at the appropriate spot. This person or persons will also recruit volunteers to host the registration tables at the conference and help us run the event smoothly.  Attention should also be paid to delegates with any special needs.
  4. Security Coordinator.  This person will contact the approved list of security companies, explain our needs and then take bids so we can award the contract for the security at the convention. You will also be responsible for dealing with the police and security when the 878 delegates walk from the venue to Independence Hall the afternoon of July 4th for the press conference and rally.  The city has already approved the parade route and march permit.  They will be closing streets and providing a police presence. 
  5. Delegate Volunteer Housing Coordinator.  Some of our delegates will not be able to afford even discount hotel rooms in Philadelphia so we need people in philadelphia to seek volunteers willing to house a delegate or two from July 1st to july 5th.  This job is best suited for a person who lives in Philadelphia and has a good contact list of people who might be willing to do this.
  6. Delegate Travel Coordinator. If we can raise the money, we will be assisting delegates in paying for the cost to get to Philadelphia.  Possibilities range from giving people gas money, to bus or plane fair and even chartering buses from state capitals. Carpooling can also be arranged by coordinating with the State and District coordinators (see below).  
  7. July Fourth Coordinator.  This person will assist Michael Pollok in planning the press conference and rally on the afternoon of July 4th in front of Independence Hall. Tasks include inviting celebrity speakers (the letters are already prepared, they just need to be mailed and have follow-up).  You will also be calling a list of vendors to invite bids to provide the stage and sound system for our speakers.  Additionally, you will make sure there is adequate water available and possibly invite vendors to come and sell food and other items during the rally and press conference on July 4th.  We will be having our rally across Chestnut street from the front of Independence Hall in the park near the Liberty Bell.  The permit for this event has already been submitted and approved. See
  8. Media Coordinator.  This person or persons will act as a booking agent to call radio stations and television stations to get our delegate candidates on air to talk about the 99% Declaration and National General Assembly. Should have experience doing this.
  9. District Delegate Coordinator. Every district should have one Coordinator to work with and assist the delegates in their voter registration efforts, fundraising and recruiting at least one man and one woman to fill the two seats in your district.  The District Coordinators will also assist the State Coordinators in their job (see below).
  10. State Delegate Coordinators. We need at least one person to be the Delegate Coordinator from each state and DC and PR.  So far we have State Coordinators for VA, CA and MO.  Some states with only two delegates like Wyoming or Alaska may not need a coordinator. This critical job has five specific functions: 
    1. Hold a weekly conference call with all the delegate candidates between now and July. During these weekly conference calls the delegates will plan town hall style meetings to take place in each district at libraries and other public places to meet constituents and register voters for the online election. 
    2. Discuss weekly with the delegate candidates and work on your state's top ten list of grievances and solutions.  Each state delegation (including PR and DC) will be expected to submit a list of top ten grievances and solutions by no later than June 20th.  These 52 lists will then be compiled into one master list after removing duplications. This master list of grievances will then be voted on by the delegates during the two and one-half day conference in Philadelphia. This will be done by projecting each of the proposed grievances and solutions on giant screens and then holding electronic votes by all 878 delegates on each point.  Although the final number of grievances in the petition will be decided by the delegates, it is strong urged that the grievances not exceed ten or the message will get lost. The final ten points should be non-controversial issues that pertain to getting money out of our political system, abolishing corporate person hood, regulating Wall Street and the banks, reforming the political system so everyone has a chance to get on the ballot and all voters have equal access to the polls.  It is suggested but not required that the delegates stay away form social "wedge" issues that will not be supported by the majority of the 99% of Americans. It is our belief that, just like the founders of this country, a group of people can find ten serious problems in this country and agree that those ten issues should be addressed by the government FIRST. Remember, if this National General Assembly on corporations, politics and the economy is successful, other Assemblies will be held to address social and other issues. If we bite off more than we can chew here, the petition will not be taken seriously by the American people or the government.  But if the delegates write ten points that the public supports, the spineless politicians may be forced to actually do something despite the wishes of the their corporate masters. 
    3. Discuss how to fill empty delegate seats ( in your state and register as many voters on our website as possible (  This is our most essential task.  For this assembly to be legitimate, a significant number of people must vote in the election to confer credibility and support.  Our goal is 250,000 but Votenet Solutions, Inc. the company we hired to run the online election, can handle any amount if need be. Without voters, it will just be another self-appointed GA.  We will have a voting system in place but we need you to help us reach out and sign up the voters.  You can sign other voters up by using our voter registration form (click here). All you need is to have that person give you his or her email address, home address in the district and signature.  You may then register those voters and mail the filled out forms to the address on the form in case of a challenge to the vote tally.
    4. Plan and hold fundraisers in your state to help the delegates pay for their trip to Philadelphia and hotel stays. You will work with the Delegate Travel Coordinator to make sure you state's delegates have a way to get to Philadelphia and back and you will work with the Delegate Hotel/Dorm Coordinator and Delegate Housing Coordinator to make sure they have a place to stay.
    5. Preparing press releases for your state and then sending those press releases to Michael Pollok for distribution using the press release service we hired.  Local and regional press release are free under our subscription but having a press release go out on the wire services costs between $400 and $600 depending how widely you wish it distributed.  There is also a 900 word limit before additional costs are incurred. Both State and District Coordinators are welcome to take advantage of this subscription service.
  11. Volunteer Coordinator. This person or persons will get emails from new volunteers who sign up through our web page and will respond to find out where that person is and how best they can help one of the people holding the ten jobs above. 
  12. Agenda and Delegate Voting Coordinator.  This person or persons will work with Michael Pollok to write the agenda for the three day meeting.  He or she will also help go through all 52 top ten lists to remove duplications and compile the final list of grievances to be voted on in Philadelphia.  This person will also help perfect the electronic delegate voting system we are working on so the delegates can efficiently vote on each proposed grievances. 
  13. Entertainment Coordinator.  This person would work with The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau ( to help delegates have fun and relax when they are not working on the petition for redress of grievances. There will be many exciting events going on that week in Philadelphia to celebrate Independence Day.
This efforts must be a bottom up effort to succeed so now is the time to step up and fill these rolls. Our priority is getting people registered on our web page ( and filling the empty delegate seats ( and then "if we build it they will come."  
If interested in any of these jobs, send a short statement of interest with your qualifications to    Time is short so please get these to me ASAP.  In your message, put the name of the position you are seeking in the subject line and also tell me any other job you are willing to fill.  Thanks for all your help so far and I look forward to working with you.

And finally, remember to invite your friends to join in drafting this historic document and to register to vote!

Onward and Upward to Philly!

Michael Pollok
The 99% Declaration

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