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The 99% Declaration Presentation

Doing a presentation on the 99% Declaration? The purpose of the presentation layout is to provide visual cues as you share The 99% Declaration with an audience or group.

Present as many or even all the Grievances to your audience as you wish.  Invite discussion if you like.  

Be sure to end with the last slide that states our "Calls to Action." 

  • Register to Vote for Delegates 
  • Become a Delegate Candidate
  • Contribute & Get Out the Vote

Bring printed voter registration forms (click here) and ask attendees to fill out their information at the event and/or pass out flyers (click here) and remind them to register to vote and/or become Delegate Candidates when they return home. You can even bring extra voter registration forms and ask attendees to register friends, family and neighbors to vote. 

Anyone and everyone can participate and help draft this historic document!

We do ask everyone to donate if they can afford to.  The more donations we have the more we can spread the word.  

In closing, remind everyone of the website address so they can find your Candidate Public Profile, comment on grievances, register to vote and/or become a Candidate.

Members on the site will also be invited to participate in future surveys on the Grievances to help the Delegates in the process of finalizing and ratifying the Petition.

We hope this presentation helps in your outreach efforts.  We appreciate any feedback.



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What are your top 10 grievances?
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