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There is safe solution to our energy crisis almost as good as fusion.

There was a little known project in the 50’s and 60’s which proved we have a safe solution to our energy crisis. A new type of nuclear reactor was built called a liquid fluoride thorium reactor or LFTR (LIFTER) for short. We have thousands of years worth of thorium fuel here in the USA (that includes projected increases and using electric/fuel cell vehicles and or synthetic gasoline alternative fuel generation), It cannot under any circumstance melt down, it generates thousands of times less transuranic waste than what we use today, and what waste it does generate is needed by nasa and the medical community so it isn’t waste. It can be used to recycle waste from existing reactors to burn it as fuel instead of dumping it. It could not be used to make nuclear weapons easily so the project was shut down, the man who invented the type of nuclear reactor we use today was fired as head of Oakridge national labs for campaigning for it’s use. It has many of the promises of fusion, except we already built prototype LFTRs and know that the technology is viable now. There is no energy crisis, because there is a tested and proven solution to it. We should sponsor LFTR development to make us truly energy independent. Learn more here:

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Stop electronic election fraud, demand voter verifiable paper trails

Already under oath programmers have testified before congress they were paid by congressmen to write vote flipping software to help them win elections. See this video:

If we are to move into phase to which is voting out the corrupt cronies from office, and replacing them with candidates who support our petition then we need to have voter verifiable paper trails. As of today in most districts of my state and many many others it is impossible to to have a recount as there are no paper trails.

The first and foremost thing on our list should be assuring that elections have paper trails which can be recounted by hand to ensure that no fraud has taken place.

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