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Occupy movement plans Phila. assembly

Grievances will be presented to top officials.

A breakaway group from the Occupy Wall Street movement is organizing a national assembly in Philadelphia around the Fourth of July to draft a petition for "redress of grievances."

The assembly would not be an Occupy-style event, Michael S. Pollok, a New York lawyer and organizer, said Wednesday.

The group would meet in a "state of the art" facility near Independence Hall as opposed to occupying a public space, he said. Also, the delegates who attend must be elected, a major shift from how Occupy Wall Street or Philadelphia operated.

The elected delegates would converge on Philadelphia on July 2 and develop a list of grievances to be presented before the November election to the president, each member of Congress, and the Supreme Court, Pollok said.

If elected officials reject the petition, which would call for action within 100 days of the next session of Congress, the group would field candidates against those who are up for reelection in 2014.

Pollak likened the proposed document to the petition for redress from the First Continental Congress to King George III.

"We're doing exactly what they did in 1774," Pollak said.

A sampling of 21 grievances listed on the group's website, , include the end to the war in Afghanistan, an overturning of the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling on campaign contributions, implementation of universal health care, an emphasis on debt reduction, and banking and securities reform.

A total of 876 delegates would be elected, from each congressional district as well as from the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Candidates are identified and described on the website.

"We have competitive races already, and that's what we want," Pollak said.

Two delegates are to be chosen from each congressional district. Already, for example, there are five candidates identified on the website for the Eighth Congressional District in Pennsylvania, which covers much of Bucks County.

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