Sign the 99% Declaration


Want to change the electoral, tax, education, healthcare, economy and social system? Invite your friends to join in drafting this historic document. 

You can share the 99% Declaration, in person, on the ground, in your community with these printable materials:

The 99% Declaration Flyer: Two-sided with the Plan on one side and abbreviated Petition/Grievances on the other side.  Print back to back or choose your favorite. 

The 99% Declaration Flyer: In English and in Spanish.

The 99% Declaration Business Cards: Great for passing out at events or in your community. Candidates, personalize the business card if you like, by replacing "" with your contact information.

The 99% Declaration Voter Registration: Sign-up Form for Gathering Voters for the Delegate Candidates.  Bring it to events, or anywhere your community gathers and sign-up people to vote for Delegate Candidates and have their voice heard!

For more ideas, check out the Organizer's Toolkit.

For media contacts, please use the most recent Press Release.  Media questions can be sent to

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Continental Congress 2.0
There IS a Solution! Join now to help draft this historic document!

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