Grievance 1: Eliminate the Corporate State

BE IT RESOLVED THAT WE, THE NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in order to form a more perfect Union, by, for and of the People, shall elect 878 Delegates on the weekend of June 1st, 2012, and convene a NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY the week of July 4, 2012 in the City Of Philadelphia to prepare and ratify a PETITION FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES on behalf of the Ninety-Nine Percent of the People of the United States to be served upon the United States Congress, United States Supreme Court and President of the United States prior to November 6, 2012.

HELP DRAFT THIS HISTORIC DOCUMENT! The final version of the PETITION FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, is to be written and ratified solely by the elected Delegates, and may or may not include the following grievance currently suggested by the 99% Declaration Working Group. We are asking you, America's 99%, to inform the representative Delegates and participate in the drafting of the final petition by signing on each grievance you support and if you wish, please add your comments below. Click here to see the full list of grievances.

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Eliminate the Corporate State.

The merger of the American political system of republican democracy with the economic system of capitalism has resulted in the establishment of a corporate government of, by and for the benefit of domestic and multinational corporations. Therefore, the 99% of the American People demand an immediate ban on all direct and indirect private contributions of anything of value, to all politicians serving in or running for federal office in the United States.

This ban shall extend to all individuals, corporations, “political action committees,” “super political action committees,” lobbyists, unions and all other sources of private money or things of value, including but not limited to, direct or indirect gifts and/or promises of employment. Private funding of political campaigns by concentrated sources of wealth such as corporations have completely corrupted our political system. Therefore, all private funding of political campaigns shall be replaced by the fair, equal and TOTAL public financing of all federal political campaigns.

We, the 99% of the American People, categorically REJECT the concepts that corporations are persons and that money is equivalent to free speech because if that were so, then only the wealthiest people, corporations and entities possessing concentrated wealth would have a meaningful voice in our society. We demand the immediate and complete elimination of all private political contributions through the enactment of new campaign finance laws and amendment of the Constitution if necessary. It has become clear that politicians in the United States cannot or will not regulate themselves and have become the exclusive representatives of corporations, unions and the very wealthy who indirectly and directly spend vast sums of money on political campaigns to influence the candidates’ decisions when they attain office. This cycle of legalized bribery ensures the reelection of the same corrupt politicians year after year despite historically low approval ratings.

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David Smith signed 2012-03-15 21:47:57 -0400
Taran Barber signed 2012-03-15 21:00:02 -0400
Norma Fivelson signed 2012-03-15 19:54:15 -0400
Pall Kalmansson signed 2012-03-15 19:39:07 -0400
Ingrid Holm signed 2012-03-15 19:33:28 -0400
Valarie Bowlby signed 2012-03-15 18:56:04 -0400
Walter Pankoe signed 2012-03-15 00:51:58 -0400
Liam Wilson signed 2012-03-14 23:59:01 -0400
William Hodge signed via William Hamilton 2012-03-14 23:53:56 -0400
Philip Brzezinski signed 2012-03-14 22:31:57 -0400
I would support ALL 21 grievances because they all need to be addressed!!
Darlene Kelley signed 2012-03-14 19:47:08 -0400
William Rebischke signed 2012-03-13 22:22:37 -0400
chuck gregory signed via chuck gregory 2012-03-13 20:42:43 -0400
We the 99% hereby declare the need to address these wrongs visited upon the great majority of Americans:

1. That the Congress, President and Supreme Court have worked to diminish the quality of life of almost all Americans by depriving them of:

a. Fair wages in good times

b. An economic safety net in bad times

c. Protection against unsafe working conditions

d. Protection from the exercise of force against and fraud upon them in the worlds of commerce, finance, housing and telecommunication

e. Safety in the use and enjoyment of the nation’s infrastructure, including transportation, recreational and educational facilities.

f. Protection against deceptive and dishonest information propagated at will by commercial interests on the public airwaves.

2. That the same elected and appointed legislators, executors and guardians of our nation have engaged in a self-serving cycle of legislation to promote private wealth which is then used to induce legislators to repeat the enrichment process for the few.

3. That all parties have broken laws and rarely, since 1974, have been brought to justice.

4. That even now there sits on the Supreme Court a scofflaw who has flouted the law and has escaped even a cursory review of the allegations.

5. That those who damaged America by 2008 to a degree 100 times worse than the damage done by the Japanese at Pear Harbor still retain their offices and have profited no less than $18 billion dollars from money given by the 99% to correct their criminal mistakes.

6. That those same people have positions of power in the present Administration, Congress and the Supreme Court and will not allow their henchmen to be prosecuted.

7. That the system of taxation allows corporations to be taxed at hardly more than half the rate a household has to pay.

8. That the present system of government holds that a corporation, created for the sole purpose of making profit, has all the rights of a person and few of the responsibilities.

9. That “freedom of speech” is defined so as to allow men to profit by spreading falsehoods, and that the victims of their falsehoods lack similar facility for redress.

10. That the influence of the wealthiest in government is such as to distort the definitions by which the health of the commonweal is measured. Even now, the rate of households in poverty is double the figure given by the present system.

That the “vertical integration” of economic activity pits producer against producer and unfairly enriches
eric fernau signed 2012-03-13 17:51:01 -0400
Nicholas Sortor signed 2012-03-13 02:53:22 -0400
Nicholas Sortor signed 2012-03-13 02:52:44 -0400
Nicholas Sortor signed 2012-03-13 02:51:50 -0400
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