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@ M. Redberg. Clearly, you do not understand that “equal pay for equal work” refers to working the same job at a lower rate of pay. This is the case in a multitude of jobs. If you think this isn’t happening, check out the latest supreme court decision in the Walmart vs. Dukes case.
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Carol, by way of introduction I came accross your 29 May 2012 URGENT MEMORANDUM addressed to Participants and Steering Committee, National General Assembly, Continental Congress 2.0 on the matter of GENDER-BALANCED REPRESENTATION, ONE WOMAN ONE MAN PER DISTRICT. I share your concerns and am curious as to whether or not you actually submitted your memorandum to the Steering Committee as I have not seen any postings/comments/messages/blogs/forum discussions and the like on this 99D web site. Curious and interested, Vlad Ryziw, Florida Delegate, 14 District
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A constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to privacy is an excellent idea and could resolve the ongoing debate about what is private and what is not and protect our individual rights that are being continually assaulted such as reproductive rights, surveillance by the NSA, invasion of personal records and information, etc.
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Harlie: I’m finding your comments (and reasoning) quite hard to follow. Are you actually suggesting that everyone who owns property should be divested of it in order to grant land rights to anyone born here—“possibly” including “immigrants”? How much land do you estimate that might be, BTW, two square feet apiece, given the outrageous rate of overpopulation?

And FYI, the conflict among native americans was insignificant compared to the land grab and attempted genocide aimed at them by the European settlers so your comment “the native tribes here were warring among themselves quite adequately without the ‘white man’s’ interference” seems rather ill-informed as well as missing Timothy’s point. Granting land to every individual person and living as the native americans did, in harmony with nature and the land being “communally owned and sacred” are two vastly different things.
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I have posted proposals for grievances and cannot figure out how to get them included in the list. I am going to post them again here.
• We propose that the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution be ratified.

• We propose that the National General Assembly Grievances include a Grievance and Solution that the US Congress, as a supposed leader of nations, should immediately reconstitute itself via special and retroactive publically-funded election to meet something at or within one standard deviation of the 50-50 gender balance met in Wales in 2003 currently in Rwanda, and nearly met in Sweden for decades, nearly met in many countries in Europe, Africa, jurisdictions in India that cover hundreds of millions of people which also protect minorities as well as women and endorsed by the European Parliament

Only this will rectify over 2 centuries of insufficient representation for women and its offshoot, the underrepresentation of minorities) in the United States, that has been the underlying cause of most the ills of the US and the world, and must be rectified immediately to prevent imminent planetary, sociopolitical, and environmental disaster. The Grievance and Solution should declare that the US Constitution be retroactively amended to provide a gender representation amendment (an expanded version of this amendment, which incorporates one woman one man from each Congressional District as was the National General Assembly Plan, will soon be available on the Ark EarthinBalance website), as now exists in many countries’ constitutions.

• We also propose the grievance that the US (and UN) switch from the GDP National Account System to the Genuine Progress Indicator GPI see and
improved to include (mostly women’s) unpaid work, and gender balance in representation and a publically accountable, gender-balanced run media not made “rich” at democracy’s expense by advertising privately-funded elections. We believe that the Grievance and Solution should issue a public condemnation of the corporate media, the fourth branch of government, for failing to inform the American public about gender balance progress around the world and for not giving this essential news the timely attention and discussion it deserves. Journalist Thom Hartmann recently just scratched the surface of the importance of it at: and (start the videotape counter at 53.42).
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I completely agree Timothy.
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I would agree that govt control of land can lend itself to abuse—look at the BLM and the history of land grants and how the native Americans were shoved off their ancestral lands, mining “rights” have been exploited, etc., in addition to Timothy’s point re HUD failures. A wonderful thing that is happening in some very depressed communities, like Detroit, is that the people are claiming the land from abandoned properties in order to grow their own food, a very direct solution that needs no bureaucratic involvement. Another way to to ensure there is land to cultivate and help grow the natural environment is to work locally on establishing community gardens and planting fruit-bearing trees. There are a lot of direct actions we citizens can take to reclaim the land. Also, doing away with corporate “personhood” will allow for citizens to take back the power to outlaw the excesses of the corporate world that impinge on our lives in a multitude of ways including housing, city planning, zoning laws, and land use.

@ Kellie – it’s a good bias, and one all women should have—a sign of healthy self-esteem and sisterhood :] ! What does iys mean?
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Thanks Kellie for your comment in support of the ERA being added and Timothy for the information regarding the process. Appreciate it.
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I have also suggested a grievance, that the Equal Rights Amendment be put on the list, but I’m not sure how that is achieved. Perhaps someone can enlighten us as to what the procedure is. How did the current list come about—was there a vote?
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Ok, Timothy, thank you for your respectful response. I’m relatively new here so I have been mainly listening for a while, and your intense passion about this topic comes through very forcefully, but there are other topics and other speakers, so can we take a break from this for a bit? I think it is evident that people on this site have heard you and acknowledged the importance of what you have had to say, but it is clear that others are getting frustrated by the singular focus on 9/11, and we don’t want to lose them. Sometimes less is more and we have to know when to give things a rest—it doesn’t mean you are abandoning the importance of this issue to allow other people to express themselves about whatever it is that they feel is crucial to discuss.
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I wanted to offer an olive branch here because everyone’s voice and input is important, and I would hate to see anyone leave this process because of any issue or conflict over any issue. I can see merit in every post and would like to suggest that we acknowledge one another with some grace and appreciation, because this is what people need. We all need to feel like our input matters to others, that our voice will be respected, and that we will not be silenced or judged harshly when our intentions are good. I want to thank all of you for your valuable input and express my hope that you stay with the process and work through any conflict, which I believe is mainly about how to go about things, not what needs to be fixed. We can do it—let’s just take a breather when things get tense and keep voicing our thoughts honestly, openly, and with as much consideration as we can. It will work itself out.
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As I see it, 9/11 was the crisis by which the corporate takeover of government which had begun decades earlier was dramatically accomplished, and which set the stage for the fomenting of illegitimate wars and the dismantling of our civil liberties and destruction of society. As such, it figures hugely in the state of this nation and the world today and its excoriatingly negative impact cannot be overstated, but it is, as Mary Lockhart stated, a symptom of an even larger corruption and needs to be seen in this context. So, though I believe it is clear that it is not an end in itself, a thorough investigation into the events of 9/11 would be a vehicle by which all of the issues leading up to it and following from it could be exposed and scrutinized and I would support it being included as a grievance for the overriding reason that openly seeking the truth, especially of an event of such magnitude, is the cornerstone of a just society.
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I agree with Cat’s clarifications regarding the Constitution; I think that actually the simpler the resolution, the better, provided that it goes to the heart of the problem and adequately addresses the issues. This is why I endorse the Move-to-Amend proposed amendment and the Equal Rights Amendment, both simple, to the point, and address the core problems that needs to be corrected.
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Thanks for the clarification, but the facts do not support this supposition of “conservatives not being brought into the tent.” The language of the ERA is so clear, simple, and precise, that no rational person could have any argument with it—it simply states that equality under the law shall not be abridged on account of sex. There was no honest argument with it, it was all a bunch of trumped up objections and disinformation that had no basis in reality and it hasn’t yet been passed because there is active resistance on the part of people who oppose women’s rights because of their extremist religious views or because they are looking to continue discrimination such as unequal pay in their business practices. They never had any intention of passing an equal rights amendment for women under any circumstances no matter how it was worded, unless it would have been to eliminate the “not” in that simple statement.

The other point I was making is that the Move-to-Amend language is similarly succinct, identifying corporations as well as other artificial entities (such as non-profits and unions), and thus does not allow for the loophole the Sanders amendment does. It simply affirms that the rights outlined in the Constitution are for natural persons by stating, “The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only.” As far as the issue of corporate “free speech”, I addressed in my last comment why this is problematic; I will add, though, that the owners of Google, etc. would still be free to advocate for any purpose as individuals—there is no need to be able to do so in addition as corporations, and in fact, this allows them an clear unfair advantage if they are able to advocate or oppose issues/legislation both as individuals and as corporations. The advertising issue is somewhat of a red herring as this is not precluded by the amendment since the focus is simply to establish that artificial entities are not persons and therefore are not afforded rights as are natural persons, and that money is not free speech. It does not eliminate the right to other forms of messaging and promotion or to disseminate information, and specifically excludes application to the press in its concise statement, “Nothing contained in this amendment shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.” It just puts people back at the helm, where we belong. So, like with the ERA, there is no legitimate reason to oppose it; there are only justifications that attempt to obfuscate the vested interest in continued inequity.
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I wanted to add that it is my opinion that grievance #1 and 2 should be combined as in the Move to Amend amendment, as corporate personhood is really the root problem and why an amendment just addressing the money/free speech issue is not adequate. Since corporations are not persons, they do not have any rights and serve only at the will of the people. This does not in any way infringe upon the free speech of the individual persons who are part of or who own the corporation. Granting corporations free speech rights would be a serious mistake because this would allow them to continue the circular argument that they are “persons”, which has gotten us into the mess we are currently in. As a result of the misinterpretation of the Supreme Court in the 1886 Southern Pacific Railroad case, it opened the door for corporations to claim first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and fourteenth amendment “rights” because it ruled they were “persons” even though corporations have no standing in either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights as they are artificial entities, are considered legal fictions, and the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights are clearly for natural persons.
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I have to respectfully disagree with your comments regarding the ERA, Jonathan. The Equal Rights Amendment text simply reads:

“Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.”

It has been ratified by 35 of the required 38 states and needs only 3 more states in order to become law (since there is legal precedent regarding the deadline not being binding) and it has been reintroduced in every congress since 1923, including the current congress. Pressure just needs to be brought to bear upon state legislatures to ratify it.

Your first sentence is very unclear and I’m not sure what you mean, but let’s not mix apples and oranges. The reason why the ERA has not yet passed is because Phyllis Schafly and fundamentalist religious groups who opposed women’s rights whipped up a lot of paranoia about what it would supposedly do, misquoting it and spreading propaganda. There is a huge backlash currently against these same people that are now promoting the war on women and now is the time to seize the day as women voters are fed up with the rightwing agenda. An excellent source for information on the ERA is at

With regard to Citizens’ United, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here. There are several proposals out there, including amendments that have been proposed in Congress—by Bernie Sanders, Ted Deutsch, Donna Edwards, etc.—-but the best one is the one that has been written by Move to Amend, a grass roots organization that is devoted to passing an amendment to abolish corporate personhood (the core of the problem)and end the misinterpretation of money as free speech. It is similarly simple and straightforward in nature and covers all the necessary bases without leaving any loopholes like several of the other proposals do. This is why I say it is the best; Move to Amend has been working on this issue the longest—check out the information at their website:
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I also wanted to strongly urge that we address the current war on women going on in this country and in congress and why I entitled a grievance, “Occupy Patriarchy: End the War on Women” as women’s civil rights as a group are under serious attack and women are being specifically targeted for discrimination. Patriarchy is the underlying framework upon which war, environmental degradation, denigration of women, authoritarian hierarchy, rapacious corporate practices, exploitation, and subjugation of individuals, groups, and countries are based. The passage of the Equal Rights Amendment is fundamental to women achieving true parity and is long past due and should be part of this grievance in my opinion, Cat, and should not be put off for any reason, any more than any of the rest of our demands should be. Women have waited long enough for the yolk of patriarchy to be lifted and we must rise up and claim our full citizenship. After all, we are 52% of the 99%!
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I wanted to acknowledge that you are right, Cat, that I should have noted that the repeal of the NDAA was included under the “reinstitution of civil rights”—new to posting on here and didn’t see it. I agree with your rename, by the way, as it does specify the focus. I also want to clarify that yes, Jonathan, when I wrote the grievance title, “Nullify the NDAA 2012”, that I was referring to the specific clauses involving indefinite detention of US citizens on US soil without charge or trial in section 1031A of the bill. As I’m sure many of you probably know, there are nullification efforts going on at the local and state levels, and why I chose this title, in order to declare the most egregious portions of the bill null and void as they are in direct conflict with the Bill of Rights. The bill in general, however, is really bad because it legitimizes endless wars and authorizes over $600 billion to fund them and it would be great to rescind it in full! Thank you both for your valuable and helpful feedback.
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Nullify the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012
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Occupy Patriarchy: End the War on Women!
Continental Congress 2.0
There IS a Solution! Join now to help draft this historic document!